Young Scrooge da Paperboy

Young Scrooge da Paperboy


Miami, FL will be sizzling this July, but I’m not just talking about the weather. The “Born To Win Tour,” will invade the city, and these artist’s music will certainly set Miami on fire.

J.F.K. Entertainment and Loc Down Entertainment team up to present “The Weekend in Miami” event, July 17-19, and promises to unleash some of the South’s finest up and coming hip-hop talent, including rapper Young Scrooge da Paperboy.

Representing his hometown of Goose Creek, SC, Young Scrooge is sure to ignite the stage that weekend with his feel-good, classic Southern hip-hop sound. He is set to perform his new hit

“I Want It All” and like his hits, “Finally I Arrived” and “Getaway.” It too is an eminent hip-hop chart topper.

Young Scrooge da Paperboy’s real name is Andre’ Baylock, and he hails from a very supportive musical family. He obviously learned a great deal growing up around such influence. His dad was a drummer, so the contagious rhythm in “Finally I Arrived” comes as no surprise.

In the song, Young Scrooge talks about reaching the pinnacle point where life is good, money is good, success is good, everything is good! No worries, just “somewhere on a yacht, thinking on the things I got.” The song has the feel of Drake’s “Started from the Bottom” hit. You find yourself head-bopping and grateful for whatever achievements you’ve had in life, and holding out hope that hard work and grinding will eventually get you somewhere.

His song “Getaway” is a slower tempo groove, but no less impressionable. Its theme is relatable, relevant and timeless. Like in the other song, “Getaway” also puts you in a drama-free zone. Nothing even matter but music and getting money. And with so much craziness going on in the world today, it’s not unbelievable that even this 25-year-old rapper feels the need to escape sometimes.

Young Scrooge’s passion and drive for music is notable. In 2009, he built his first recording studio and formed the group “Streetz Cerdafyde” with five other rappers, including cousin Bud-Loc, who is a “Born to Win” tour mate and also a performer for the Weekend in Miami event. As a solo artist, Young Scrooge has won several awards and open mic contests within his region. He released his mix-tape “Pain and Happiness” in 2012 a reflection on his life.

Young Scrooge was able to sit down with us between late night sessions from his studio located in Goose Creek. He was able to let us in on what makes him the artist he is.

AK: Thank you for making time to sit down with me.

YS: No Problem. Sorry it’s so late.

AK: Well we have had a chance to speak with your tour mates and now it’s your turn Ready?

YS: Always!

AK: Ok you’re starting you first tour and starting in Miami none the less. How do you feel and what do you want the people to know?

YS: I’m excited and ready! I been ready for this. All I have to say is you need to be there! You don’t want to miss this show! We coming. (He laughs)

AK: Who would you say were your biggest musical influences?

YS: Well I don’t have a lot outside of family but Zero and Lil Bootsie that’s about it.

AK: Who did you enjoy listening to growing up?

YS: Locally there was Pachino Dino and Killa Skip major artist like I said Zero and Lil Bootsie.

AK: Who would your dream collaboration be with?

YS: Zero for the artist and Zaytoven for the producer.

AK: What do you think about the music industry today?

YS: It’s full of garbage music.

AK: What would you say is your style?

YS: I’m just telling people about my life and things I’ve seen. I’m a story teller like my record says. I don’t really have a style. I just want people to know what I see.

AK: How would you say your music has changed over the years?

YS: Well when I first started I was just rapping to rap. I’ve grown and learned to use my music to express how I feel and tell people about the struggles.

AK: Who or what are your inspirations?

YS: I just want people to know what I’m feeling. I just living and I use my everyday life. I wouldn’t really call it inspirations just the truth.

AK: Well I want to thank you for your time and I’m going to let you get back to recording. But before I go is there anyone you want to shout out?

YS: EVERYBODY! I appreciate everybody! So no names I just want to thank everybody!

After sitting with this artist I see why his music has that laid back feel. He is soft spoken and easy going with real humbleness about himself. I can’t wait to see this show it’s going to be one you don’t want to miss. You can find Young Scrooge da Paperboy by following him on twitter @YScrooge on Instagram @paperworld1 and on Facebook at Young Scrooge da Paperboy or checkout his website to get some of his music at For booking you can email or call 678-719-2548.
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