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Yin & Yang

Kama Sutra: A Sanskrit text giving rules for sensuous and sensual pleasure.  There are many books and many websites that explain all about Kama Sutra and the positions. Need some spice in your life, or just want to try something different, try Kama Sutra. There are many positions; each one serves a different purpose. Some positions require great physical skill, so be forewarned that you may wake up sore, but I’m going to start you off slow and easy. Everyone likes oral sex, don’t front you know you do, whether it’s receiving or giving.

The positions that I will tell you about today include variations of the infamous “69”.

Tanya is lying in the bed, watching a movie. She starts to doze off, when she hears Elizabeth enter the room. Elizabeth goes up to Tanya and starts touching her. Light touches up and down her body. She licks and kissing Tanya. Tanya reciprocates with a kiss. Tanya licks Elizabeth’s nipple then puts the whole thing in her mouth, using her tongue and fingers to get the nipple hard. Elizabeth places her hand on Tanya’s wet box, and inserts a finger, slowly; in and out. Tanya lies on the bed as Elizabeth positions herself on top of her. They plan on bringing each other to the edge then over it….together.

The 69 position was given its name for obvious reasons. This position provides the opportunity for both lovers to receive and give pleasure. The typical way it has been done is one on top of the other, but did you know that there are variations to this.  Let’s discuss these variations.

Man on top: This position is good for deep-throating, allows your throat to be more open to receive the full length. Guys DO NOT jam your penis in and out unless you want to choke the girl

Woman on top: This position provides better control for the woman. She is able to control the speed and depth.

Side by side: Good all around

Hanging Fruit: Now this position may call for some upper body strength, but would be fun to at least try. One lover is standing upright while the other is basically doing a handstand. The lover with more strength can hold their partner in the upside down position to help facilitate their genitals meeting its pleasure. This position may not be comfortable for too long for the person who is upside down.

All of these positions can also be done in various areas of the house: Bed, Couch, and Floor. Change it up; get out of that bed, unless you use different areas of the bed…but that topic for another day

…..Till next time Loves


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