What’s In Your Yogurt???

cochineal (Photo credit: madelinetosh)


What’s in your yogurt? Just a little cochineal (Cochineal is a traditional red dye of pre-Hispanic Mexico). This precious dyestuff was obtained not from a plant, but from an insect that lives its life sucking on a plant. Food manufactures use this bug instead actual strawberry preserves. Take an extra second before purchasing anything with so-called strawberry flavor and read the ingredients. Also ladies cochineal is also found in some make up products, double check that red lipstick before applying to your lips.

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Starbucks will stop using a red food dye made from bugs, its president recently wrote in a blog post.


Despite the attention Starbucks has received for using the insect-based dye in some of its products, the coffee purveyor is far from the only user of this additive. Anytime you see an ingredients list that includes carmine, cochineal extract or natural red 4, you can be sure that there’s a little powdered bug in there.




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