Utah Nurse Dragged out of Hospital

According to CBS news:

SALT LAKE CITY – A Utah police officer’s body camera video shows a hospital nurse being handcuffed after refusing a blood draw from an unconscious patient.

The video taken at University Hospital in Salt Lake City on July 26 shows nurse Alex Wubbels calmly explaining to Salt Lake detective Jeff Payne that she couldn’t allow a blood draw on a patient who had been injured in a car accident. She told the officer a patient was required to give consent for a blood sample or be under arrest. Otherwise, she said police needed a warrant.

Wubbels calmly points out to Payne that these parameters are spelled out in an agreement between the hospital and the department.

CBS affiliate KUTV reports that Wubbels had the backing of her bosses, one of them was on the phone with her and could be heard on the video telling Det. Payne, “Sir you are making a huge mistake right now because you are threatening a nurse.”

Despite the warning, Payne is heard saying, “We are done, we are done, you are under arrest.”

He can then be seen grabbing Wubbels and cuffing her as she screams, “You’re assaulting me stop! I’ve done nothing wrong! This is crazy! This is crazy!”

In the video Payne’s partner could be heard trying to calm his partner down during the arrest.

Another officer is heard saying, “I don’t think this arrest is going to stick.”