Troy Ave Officially Pleads Not Guilty, Date for Bail Hearing Set 

TroyAve finally had his chance before the judge on Wednesday to plead not guilty to felony charges of second degree attempted murder and three counts of second degree criminal possession of a weapon, per HipHopDx and TMZ
This was his first appearance since his arraignment, Ave was wheeled into the court room to be read the indictment the District Attorney’s office handed down. Ave, real name Roland Collins, showed up in a wheelchair because of the injuries to both legs sustained in the shooting that occurred May 25 at Irving Plaza. According to the rapper’s lawyer, John Stella, a bullet went through his right leg, and a bullet is lodged in his left knee.

According to Billboard, the Assistant District Attorney Christine Keenan announced to the court that Collins would also be charged for two additional guns that were found in the vehicle that drove him to the hospital the night of the incident. Keenan also cleared up to the court that the charges within the current indictment against the rapper are directly related to the events that occurred on the balcony. All events leading up to that incident, during which the initial shots were fired, are still under investigation.

Troy’s other attorney, Scott Leemon, confirmed that he and Stella requested bail for the rapper, however, they need to provide the court with additional documents.

The rapper’s bail hearing is set for July 1.

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