The Return Of The “O” OSB

The Return Of The “O” OSB

There’s a heat wave heading towards Miami, FL this July and it’s going by the name “The Born to Win Tour”. The tour will be in effect from July 13th -19th. The tour will be featuring some of South Carolina’s hottest artists. One of these artist is a veteran to the stage, OSB has been performing since the tender age of 16.

OSB whose given name is Ismail Al-Muid, has over a 10 years career and has performed with the like of The Young Bloods, Pastor Troy, Lil Flip, Juvenile and Mystikal. With this kind of experience he is sure to set the stage on fire. He’ll be giving you his hit single Birthday Girl a club banger that’s guaranteed to bring the ladies to the floor.

OSB born in Charleston, SC, he moved to the small city of Goose Creek, SC where he met and befriended the Baylock family and would become friends and mentors to his tour mates Bud-Loc and Young Scrooge da Paperboy. When Loc-Down Entertainment was formed he soon became another member of the Loc Down Familiar and the bond was sealed. Under the guides of the management them he learned the ins and outs of the business to form his own label Get It In Entertainment.

I had the pleasure to sit down interview this young man and get to know him better. We spoke of inspirations, the music industry and life in general. You’ll find it goes much deeper than the music for this young artist. And now the interview.

VW: Good morning O. Thank you for giving me a few moments of your time.

O: I’m glad to do it. Thanks for your time.

VW: So tell the people what does OSB stand for?

O: Well it’s a name I was given as a youngster. When I was little I had cancer and surviving that my pops friends started calling me soldier. As I grew the name changed to Souljah Boy then into the Original Souljah Boy. This was long before the Souljah Boy’s era. I’ve shorten it since then and now I just go by O.

VW: Ok so now that that’s cleared up, who would you say has been your biggest musical influences?

O: Wow that runs deep but I’m going to keep it sweet and short and short and sweet and give you the main people. I would say Scar Face, Tupac, Biggie, Busta Rhymes and Ice Cube.

VW: Some good choices. Ok who would your dream collaboration be with for artist and/or producer?

O: Wow my dream collaboration of anyone would be Prince for the producer and Tupac for the artist.

VW: Now that’s really great choices there for sure. They happen to be two of my favorites as well. According to you answers you like a lot of old school. So with that being said, what do you think of the music industry today?

O: I don’t. I just don’t listen to the stuff of today. I listen to the music I grew up on. I pay attention but I don’t think its music.

VW: How would you describe your musical style?

O: Original. There’s nothing out that I can say or compare it to so I would have to say its original, something you never heard or seen before.

VW: In what way would you say your music has changed over the years?

O: OK it’s changed in some many different ways because I’ve changed. I respect the music much more than I did when I was young. My life as with everyone else has had ups and downs and those things has changed me as a person so it changed me as an artist as well.

VW: What is your inspirations when writing?

O: I want my family not to worry. I want them to be comfortable. I love music. I love the pureness of it. But I have to say honestly I haven’t been inspired lately. It’s been a while since I’ve written anything. The music game saddens me. It almost zaps you of your inspirations. It’s all about the beat and is taking the heart out of the music.

VW: Of all your performances which would you say was your best and which was your worst?

O: Well for my worst I’d say my last one. I wasn’t in the right mind and it affected my performance. As for my best that’s a little harder. I can narrow it down to the top three. The first one was in performance was in Orangeburg, SC in front of over 2000 students. It was stupid! Then It was a performance I did in Texas in front of about 8000 people that was really crazy! But from a personal stand point. I did a show in North Charleston and it was only a couple a hundred people there and most of them knew me. But it was the first time I performed Legendary. It’s a really personal song about something I went through early in my career. When I was done I received a standing ovation and that meant the world to me. It had never happened before so the feeling was unbelievable.

VW: If you could perform anywhere in the world and have it sold out where would it be?

O: The North Charleston Coliseum. That would mean the most to come home and sell out no matter the price of the ticket all of that! I would be able to come home and say YES WE DID IT!

VW: Having perform with some of music’s greats who was your favorite?

O: Mystical. I learned a lot from him. He was the only person I saw that would perform foe 60 minutes without a break. He is a real performer and I learned a lot from watching him.

VW: Well I want to thank you for your time. In closing is there anything you want to say?

O: Well yeah! I want to say thank you to all our supporters. All the people who bought tickets, the promoters, JFK and Loc Down Entertainment. CEMG, Global Shine, Britt Bratt Promotions, Loud Pack Promotions, Diamond Couture, Diamond LAW Dubb Slimm All of Miami supporting this tour! Our sponsors Ms. Vicki Gee Chee One Magazine and Felicia Rivers. The producers who worked on the mix tape, Bud Loc Young Scrooge Jonezen Baylock and everyone who’s had my back on my way here.

I would like to thank OSB or O as he is known by for sitting down and letting us get to know him the artist. You can find and follow him on Twitter and Instagram @originalsuljah. You can also find his music at For booking information email or call 678-719-2548.
#Born2Win Tour July 13-18
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#Born2Win Tour July 13-18
#CharlestonToMiami #NC #TakingOver #UNTV #Dagr8FM #SNDRadio #RichFlowShow #BlondieCSaga #InTheMixLive #TheBody, #Climaxxx #TakeOne #LetTheStreetsTalk #RealRozay ElBoulevard #ArtistPremiere @dagr8fm @rozay405 @blondiecantuc @djnastynaterfe @inthemixlive @paperworld1 @iamtheo843 @budloc_ @YScrooge @Lde_Budloc

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