The Game vs MeekMill Beef continues…..

The Game vs MeekMill Beef

The Game is at it again, the beef is really getting heated him and Meek Mill… A few hours ago The Game posted this on Instagram:

Via @losangelesconfidential

“I see what that lil time in jail turned you into pussy…. Ain’t been livin in LA but a month & already switch hittin…. Now I know what #DC stand for #DickChasers !!!!!!!!!! 🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀”

Why include EJ Johnson in your beef, wait is that photoshopped? Wait are they holding hands? Damn Game, are you playing fair? Not only that why you keep calling him a snitch, I need to know details….. 
While Meek Mill posted this on IG:

Via @meekmill

“Photoshop vs real life you been in Hollywood too long FAM! I would hate for my son to see me like this! IS THIS PHOTOSHOPPED LOL”

What’s going on in Hiphop people…. Not only that but Meek, why you in so much drama?

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