The Game being sued for sexual assault


There is a woman suing The Game for Sexual Assault, is this real? Or is she out for money? Ms. Priscilla Rainey, is a young lady who was a cast member on The Game’s new reality dating show, “She Got Game”. Well lil mama is trying to sue TheGame for sexual assault, that she claims happened during the taping. 

Rainey claims that during filming, Game got drunk/high and reached into her skirt to fondle her bare vagina and buttocks. She’s asking for $10 Million.
Since the announcement new info is popping up. For example, she has been arrested at least 6-7 times. She has been arrested for petty theft, battery with a deadly weapon, criminal mischief, and plenty more charges. 

These claims are surprising since she continued to film with him and casts. Rainey continuing to shoot the show. She claims in happened in May, but bitch why were you still reppin the show and TheGame? 

So no criminal charges pressed, no police called, and your suing him for $10 million, bitch you sleep.


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