The Cats Tongue

Kama Sutra carvings
Kama Sutra carvings (Photo credit: Natmandu)

The Cats Tongue

Kama Sutra: A Sanskrit text giving rules for sensuous and sensual pleasure.  There are many books and many websites that explain all about Kama Sutra and the positions. Need some spice in your life, or just want to try something different, try Kama Sutra. There are many positions; each one serves a different purpose. Some positions require great physical skill, so be forewarned that you may wake up sore, but I’m going to start you off slow and easy. Everyone likes oral sex, don’t front you know you do, whether it’s receiving or giving.

              The position that I will tell you about today is “The Cats Tongue”

Your girl just got out the shower.  She is wet, naked, and standing in her closet trying to pick from the many outfits to start the day. She is complaining “I have nothing to wear”.  You want to help her and you are aware that she has a long day ahead of her. How do you help? How else? Women are sexual creatures just as much if not more than men.  You walk behind her, and give her a tender kiss on her neck. You pull her towards the bed, and sit her on the edge. As you kneel down and place your body between her legs you lightly trail your fingers down her body. Juices are flowing now. Kneel in between her legs; she will open them without hesitation. You know your girl; you know how she likes it. Do you flick it, roll it, or poke it (your tongue)? Do you use your fingers to help ease the tension? Use the methods you know pleases her, or try something new. If you flick, try poking; if you usually use a stiff tongue, flatten it. You sense her body getting close, her moans are getting louder, and she is starting to hold your head tighter, or starting to move away from the pleasure (I’m a mover). Bring her to the edge, and then push her over it. If your tongue and mouth can stand it try it all over again, we are woman we can handle it. She will be walking on cloud nine ALL day. She will thank you in her own way when she gets home. Think about it, you will be on her mind for the entire day. Tip for the receiver: If your lover speaks multiple languages the tongue will be a wonderful experience.

….Till next time Loves


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