Tamar Braxton husband Vince Herbert owes IRS $3.3 million

Vincent Herbert has the government knocking on his door, because he owes $3.3 million in back taxes…. I don’t understand why these celebrities wanna play with Uncle Sam, big brother don’t play about their money.

According to RadarOnline:

RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned that Tamar Braxton‘s husband, songwriter and producer Vincent Herbert, was recently slapped with a federal tax lien for more than $3 million!

According to court records obtained by Radar, the IRS has ordered the Braxton Family Values star to pay up to the tune of $3,325,107.70.

For the tax period ending in 2010, they claim, he failed to pay $66,315.30 to the IRS. The next year, he skipped payment on a whopping $2,267,845.97. And in 2013, he had an unpaid balance assessment of $990,946.43.

Ironically, back in 2011, Tamar said that paying your taxes was the best advice she’d ever received.

“Pay your taxes. NumberOne.com,” she told Black Enterprise that year. “It’s the truth. I’ve never wanted that issue. I don’t understand when people say, ‘I owe $100,000 in taxes.’ Or, ‘I owe $8 million in back taxes.’ What? How that work?! Pay your taxes and keep the IRS off your behind!”

Vince ain’t the only Braxton affiliate to have had financial issues. As we know Tamar’s sister Toni Braxton filed for bankruptcy in 2010, along with other legal issues.

Hopefully he gets it right he doesn’t want to end up like Lauryn Hill or Fat Joe. Celebrities pay your taxes, we don’t to but we do…….



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