Sony threatens to remove Beyonce from Tidal

Why Sony so petty, Sony is threatening to take Beyonce’s tracks off Tidal if Jay-Z don’t come up with the funds to keep her music on Tidal, his streaming platform. Sony ain’t playing? They reminding Jay who Beyonce’s music really belongs to……

According to Bloomberg Businessweek Reports:

Jay Z has not reached a deal with the multinational conglomerate company allowing him to feature their artists’ music on Tidal.

Apparently, Sony is seeking “large returns” in return for the rights to their musician’s work…and with Tidal’s many shortcomings…who knows if HOV will be able to cough up them dollars any time soon…

BOOM!!!!!!! If JayZ doesn’t produce the gunds soon, Beyonce and every other Sony artists (including Alicia Keys and Usher) will be removed from the Tidal service. BOOM!!!!!!

Tidal is in good standing financially and making good money. So Jay gon have to pay.

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