Are you looking for Radio Play on Stamped N Da Streetz Radio??! We

cater to every type of artist and their campaign. We have a

promotional package for continuous play and to be added to the DJ


We are registered with four of the leading stream licensing companies




•Sound Exchange
We also have a growing social media presence to help promote to our listeners.

• Facebook

• Twitter

• Instagram
Our station is currently available on

• The a World Wide Web

• All Mobile Devices


• TuneIn Radio


• SNDSRadio App

• MixLR App
The service fee to add music on Stamped N Da Streetz Radio starts at just

$50 monthly

• Continuous Play

• Added to Dj Rotation

• On Air Promotion

PACKAGES AND PRICES •Bronze Package •Silver Package •Gold Package (includes Interview)
If you would like more information about our radio promotions and

music PR services, please contact (

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