“Sin”- Sational

After the time we had the other day things have been awesome, but I must admit I want more, Kallie thought.  The way he tied my down and the blindfold brought a whole new aspect to our night. I must admit I was excited and scared, but I know he wouldn’t let harm come to me.  I wonder where he got that idea from. I want to pay him back, but how.  Ideas swarmed inside Kallie’s head as to how she would go about repaying Dan for the incredible night. Kallie came up with the perfect plan.  How to execute the plan was the only problem she was having.

Dan was exhausted, work tore him up today. He just wanted to take a shower then relax. He hadn’t decided how he would go about relaxing but he was sure that once he got out of the shower he would have it planned out.  As he walked into the bedroom, he noticed Kallie looking suspicious. What is she up to? Dan thought.  He walked over to where she was sitting. She stood up and gave him a hug and a sweet kiss. Yes she was definitely up to something, Dan decided. “Hey baby. How was your day?” Kallie asked. Dan eyed her, “My day was ok, I’m beat though.” Dan grabbed Kallie by the chin, gave her a deep passionate kiss, making her stand on her toes. As he broke off their kiss he heard her groan. Still holding her chin forcing her to look into his eyes, “My little dove when I get out of the shower you will tell me what you have been up to.” Dan said firmly with a hint of curiosity and lust in his eyes.

With a look of appall and defiance Kallie stood firm.  He would see soon enough what she was up to, but not the way he had in mind.  Dan had a unique way of getting things out of her. She knew that if she would have planned this a few days ago she would have spilled the beans before it was time. She was glad that her plans would happen without a hitch.  As Dan walked into the bathroom, she waited to hear the shower turn on before she put her plan into action. She knew she had a small window of time before he would come out of the shower demanding answers, good thing she had everything within reach.

As Dan toweled himself off he devised a plan to get his little dove talking. He knew something was up especially after she gave him that defiant look. I should have pulled her into the shower with me, Dan thought.  As he walked out of the bathroom he came to a sudden halt and grinned inwardly as he looked around the room.  There was soft music playing, and the candles that were lit make the room look serene and relaxing. His little dove came up to him wearing a short pink and black masseuse costume, with black stockings that had pink bows on them, a garter belt was attached to the stockings, and black stilettos. As he reached to touch her she grabbed his hand and led him to the bed. “Would you like a massage my love” Kallie asked sweetly, “Sure” he replied.  “Then lay down on your stomach”. As Dan went to lie down on his stomach he noticed the massage oil on the nightstand.

Kallie knew he was surprised and that thought pleased her, but if he thought that a massage was the only thing on the menu then he underestimated her.  She straddled him and began her journey of bringing pleasure and relaxation to her man.  She lightly grazed his back and shoulders with the tips of her fingers, making a mental note of the areas that would need extra attention. She then added oil to her hands and began kneading the tightness from his muscles. Starting at his neck and ending at his lower back. She made sure to use extra pressure to release the knots she came across on her journey.  Once she was finished with his back she instructed him to turn over so that she could finish. As he turned to lay on his back, she leaned down to kiss him.  Dan deepened the kiss waiting for her acceptance of his tongue. Kallie broke the kiss, saying “I’m not done yet”. She turned her attention back to the massage. She made sure that no spot went untouched. Over his chest and arms, even his hands got attention. When she got to his waist she noticed that his penis had started to harden. She grazed the outline of his penis through the towel.  She then unwrapped the towel from around his waist. His penis sprang free. Her mouth started to water, she noticed every vein in his penis bulging, wanting to be licked. She lightly traced the head of his penis with her fingers, then ran her fingers down his length. When she traced the underside it jerked. To her it seemed to jump wanting more attention, almost begging. She lowered her head, she used her tongue to trace the veins just as her fingers had done. She then inserted the penis into her mouth. Using her tongue on the underside, and swirling it around the tip as she pulled up.

Dan felt extremely relaxed after that massage. As he looked down at her his penis hardened more. As she was massaging him he had decided to flip the script on her, to do things to her that would have her begging for release. The sight of her tongue and lips on his cock wasn’t how he expected this massage to end.  Her mouth was wet and warm. Just what the doctor ordered after my ordeal at work today, Dan thought as he was trying to resist the urge to grab her hair and push her head further down on his cock.  Kallie knew he liked when she sucked his penis, she actually liked doing it. Seeing his eyes roll and hearing his moans and groans were making her wet. She liked seeing him happy and satisfied.  As she continued sucking and licking, she fondled his balls trying to coax his release. She felt his body stiffen underneath her and she knew that was a sign that he was close. Kallie decided that she wasn’t quite ready for the fun to be over just yet, so she started to ease up on the sucking. She went to lightly sucking, then licking and fondling.  After a minute or so she started again, using just the right amount of suction to coincide with her hands moving up and down his shaft. She started to hum, letting the vibration assist the process.  Dan grabbed her hair to help guide her to the right tempo. His body started to go rigid again. With a few more flicks of the tongue Kallie heard Dan moan, then empty his semen into her mouth. To Dan’s surprise she didn’t pull his cock from her mouth. He felt her sucking continue, lightly, trying to ensure she got every drop from his body. After his penis started to decrease in size and soften a little, Kallie released his penis from her mouth. This was definitely payback Kallie thought as she smiled up at her satisfied man.

Did you know that male ejaculation contains about 5-25 calories?  It also has vitamins like, Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, and zinc. Just to name a few. So if you were wondering if Kallie swallowed, I think I answered that question for you

Till next time loves……


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