Should investors be worried about North Korea? VS North Korea threatens attack, including nukes, on U.S.




North Korea is at it again. Talk from Pyongyang about starting up a previously mothballed nuclear reactor is the latest bit of gamesmanship by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. So far, Wall Street is not worried about all the tension. The Dow and the S&P 500 both marched to new all time high Tuesday. A top exchange-traded fund that tracks South Korean stocks, the iShares MSCI South Korea Capped Inde Fund has fared even worse. It’s down nearly 8%. That ETF holds leading Korean companies, such as electronics giant Samsung, automaker Hyundai steel firm POSCO. The Korea Fund, a closed-end fund based in New York, has also been hit this year, losing about 6% of its net asset value.

At  this point we can truly say that we are completely torn between fear and expanding our pockets. Should we feel guilty for purchasing the new samsung or latest Hyundai in reality we are funding the nuclear missile directed towards U.S.A. Will America’s downfall be Technology & Greed? How can America fear when we allowing the THREAT to America for money that may not be spendable.


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