Sense this

As I lay here I am wondering what is going to happen. I can’t move, but I can see and hear everything.  The room I’m in has a small amount of light from the flickering candles. I hear soft music playing in the background. I turn my head toward the door as he enters the room. He has a smirk on his face. I feel a little vulnerable. “Are you OK?” he asks. “I’m a tad bit cold” I reply. “Don’t worry, you won’t be for long” he tells me.  I notice that there is something in his hand. A box of some sort. He carries it to the bedside table and places it down. He pulls something out, he turns to me and ask “Do you trust me?”…Hmmmm do I trust him, what kind of question is that. “Of course I do” I say reluctantly. My sight is now gone. I am now lying on the bed naked, tied down, and blindfolded. What does he have planned for me?

I feel his body hovering over me, he leans closer and I feel his lips on my lips. I open them to invite him in. Our tongues dance with each other. He pulls away, leaving a void, and places something in my mouth. It’s a strawberry. Its sweet and juicy, he knows that I go crazy over strawberries. He is quiet,, than I gasp…something cold and wet makes contact with my nipple..Around my nipple it goes followed by his mouth sucking and tugging on it..My nipples are rock hard now. Waiting and anticipating more. .the cold, wet  trail goes down in between my breast than down my stomach, and liquid puddles in my navel…I then realize that the cold wetness was ice…he follows the trail the ice made with his tongue, when he gets to my navel  he slurps the cold liquid till it’s all gone…My body always responds when he is around…He always knows what will make me happy, which will make him happy…

Where will this story go? Will there be nothing but pleasure or a little pain as well? Stay tuned for the continuation of this story.

Till next time Loves


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