Sense This II


“I have her right where I want her; tied down” he thinks to himself. She tends to run away from pleasure, she will not be able to do that tonight. As he finishes lapping up the last of the cool water that has form in her belly button from the ice, he places his hand on the flesh between her thighs, she shutters. He smiles inwardly. Separating her lips with his fingers slowly, he finds her clit. Sliding a finger into her slippery vagina then out again. He circles his finger around her clit slowly, a low growl escapes her lips. He takes her lips into his mouth, kissing her passionately, leaving her on fire. Her breathing changes pace, becomes faster. She is responding just how he wants to his stimulation. She tries to move her hands but the cuffs holding them doesn’t allow her to. She begs him for more, begs him to stop. He makes his way to her nipples. Taking one into his mouth he goes back and forth between sucking and lightly biting, sending zings of sensation to her lower half. Her clit has become engorged from the circling of his finger and the nipple biting. He places his finger on the very sensitive member, she jumps a little. Pressing lightly, he goes from circling her clit, to circling the outer lips, her inner lips, then inserting a finger, then two into her sopping wet vagina. The sudden assault of his fingers surprises her. She wants to move, but she can’t, she wants to see what he is doing, but she can’t. He senses that she is becoming nervous, he bites her nipple to distract her. He inserts two fingers into her vagina, in forcefully then out slowly while pressing his thumb on her clit. He sees her body responding nicely. Her breathing becomes ragged, her heart rate increases. He feels the walls of her vagina contracting around his fingers. “Should I let her cum?” he asks himself. He suddenly stops, leaving her right on the edge. “Please” he hears her say. He is loving this control he has over her. He pinches her now tender nipples, then takes one into his mouth. His hand trails down her body and lingers over her dripping mound. She senses that something is there and she lifts her hips, trying to give him a hint. He takes the bait and continues pleasing her with his fingers. He moves his head up to give her a kiss, she willingly opens and invites his tongue into her mouth. He begins to feel her vagina walls contracting again, he knows that she is close. He continues, giving her nipples a pinch, and rubbing her clit to help the process. He then removes the blindfold just as she cums with a loud shriek that sounds like his name. He enjoyed looking at her face as she came, he liked it so much he wants to see it again. He removes the cuffs from her wrist, kisses her roughly, and then rams his penis into her vagina. He feels her walls still contracting from her orgasm, “This won’t be long” he thinks. As he strokes in and out of her, he uses one hand to massage and knead her breast and nipple. He uses the other hand to gently stroke her very sensitive clit. He then flips her onto her stomach, smacks her ass then starts at it again from the back. He notices her walls starting to contract again. She is cursing explicit words as she cums again. The contracting vagina sends him to the edge as he cums with a loud grunt. He stays in that position letting her contracting walls milk him dry….

How was that for an ending?

Till next time loves…..


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