Schoolboy Q

It was a crazy dangerous night for Quincey Matthew Hanley, better known as L.A. rapper Schoolboy Q, following his performance on Thursday night. Schoolboy Q, Nas, and Flying Lotus all performed together in a successful joint concert to benefit three charities including the Gang Rescue program and the Support Project of Denver.
The benefit concert was held in the Red Rocks amphitheater and Schoolboy Q along with the other artists on the bill performed for about 4,500 people.
Although the concert appeared successful, the aftermath is where things got a bit crazy.

After the show, Schoolboy Q and his entourage got in a white SUV to head home. However, upon entering the car, the SUV was quickly shot up and leaving three people in Schoolboy Q’s entourage injured.
Once the shootout was over, the gunman quickly sped off. Schoolboy Q and his posse then took off in search of a hospital, before being stopped by Denver police and taken for medical attention. Here’s where I got confused….
Schoolboy Q and one of his boys of his team were briefly handcuffed by police assessing the situation, but they were later released.
Thankfully, no injured victim was seriously hurt and all are doing fine.
Early Friday morning, Schoolboy Q even tweeted to his fans that he was doing okay and there was nothing to worry about: “im str8……don’t trip”

Despite Q and his team “doing ok,” police are still investigating to find the actual gunman.

Schoolboy Q has been vocal about his past life as a gang member so a gang-affiliated shootout isn’t too hard to believe.

The most natural thing to think in this situation is that, Schoolboy Q may have some unresolved beef. reports that most of the Red Rocks park had been reopened, but the area of the shooting has remained sealed off.

Well, for one thing we are glad Schoolboy Q and his crew are okay. We will keep update for any new development of the shooting.

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