Roger Ebert dies at 70 After a Battle with Cancer


As a reviewer of movies, Roger Ebert was wealthy and as well-known as the actors he critiques. Roger Ebert was a Pulitzer Prize-winning movie critic, and with a long struggle with cancer has passed away Thursday 4/4/13. Roger Ebert was a movie critic for the Chicago Sun-Times for more than 45 years and over three decades co-hosting Siskel & Ebert at the Movies. 

Roger Joseph Ebert was born in Urbana on June 18, 1942, he was the only child. He had an art for writing early on in childhood he wrote and published his own community newspaper  while in middle school. When he was in high school he also was the co-editor of the school paper. He attended University of Illinois, despite wanting to go to an Ivy League school, where he did outstandingly well and where he majored in journalism and was editor of the campus paper. Ebert landed his first real newspaper job at the Chicago Sun-Times, where after one year he became the paper’s film critic. That journey led Ebert to become the first film critic to win the Pulitzer Prize. In later 2002, Ebert went through several intense battle with cancer, resulting in several serious surgeries that left him severely disfigured. Unfortunately in  2006, complications from thyroid cancer treatment took away his jaw, taking his ability to talk, eat or even drink. 

Despite the battle Ebert was going through he found comfort in writing, his wife and his fans. In 2010 Ebert stated in his book He added, “What I am grateful for is the gift of intelligence, and for life, love, wonder, and laughter. You can’t say it wasn’t interesting.”

Roger Ebert died knowing he had a full life………


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