Rihanna And Teyana Taylor Beef

Recently Rihanna And Teyana Taylor Have Been In The Headlines, Rihanna And Teyana Have Publicly Been Going At It Online. Teyana Is Upset Because She Believes Rihanna Posted A Video About Her On Instagram Of Course Rihanna Says The Video Wasn’t About Her But The Guy In Her Video Has Curly Long Hair Like Teyana, Gold Chains, A Snapback, And Etc. Which Makes It Seems Like He’s Impersonating Teyana A Little But There Is No Sure Way To Tell. Teyana Took It To Twitter And The Girls Started To Bash Each Other, Rihanna Soon Got Fed Up Stopped Arguing Deleted All Post Toward Teyana And Changed Her Cover Photo Back And Went On With Her Business. The Real Question Is Was It Necessary? Did Teyana Have To Take It That Far? Teyana Says She’s ” Bout That Life” But She’s Still Talking Through The Keyboard. Teyana Keep It Classy Not Trashy Because That Right There Was Very Unlady Like, Simply Dm Or Text/Call Rihanna Next Time.



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