Rihanna And Benzema Get Cozy In Front Of Chris Brown

Last weekend, it appears that Chris Brown is still  popping up on his ex-girlfriends at night clubs. This time it wasn’t Karruche Tran, it’s no one other than RihannaLately,  pop princess Rihanna has been seen across LA getting extremely intimate with her new boyfriend and  soccer stud Karim Benzema. Well, sources say that last weekend the new couple and Rihanna’s ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown was all seen at Henry’s  nightclub  located in West Hollywood late Saturday evening. Shocking, right ? So, here’s what went down. Sources at the night club confirmed that Benzema was already at the night club as Rihanna made her entrance shortly after midnight. Then, Chris Brown showed up a few minutes after Rihanna. Things began to get hot as Rihanna and Benzema give some hardcore PDA. The most surprising fact of it is that Chris witnessed it all ! 

Sources say that Chris couldn’t take seeing Rihanna getting cozy with her new man and left the club. Shortly, after Chris leaving Rihanna and Benzema left. Could this been a set-up or one of Chris’s epic plans to get Rihanna back? From the look of things, Chris probably had intentions of talking to Rihanna. But, with Benzema there Chris’s plans went sour quick. Personally, all of this comes to no shocker just as Chris Brown attempted to force his way into Karrueche Tran’s van a few weeks back. On the other hand, it seems like Chris Brown doesn’t know what he wants. Just last year, he continued to jump the fence with both Rihanna and Karrueche. Not to mention, it seems like both of these ladies have moved on and it looks like Chris should to. Although, Chris has been acting sort of crazy lately, that hasn’t detoured his focus on his upcoming tour “ One Hell Of A Night” which is expected to showcase this summer and his beautiful one year old daughter Royalty which he his expected to take on tour with him.

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