Rick Ross says that groundskeeper is a liar: I did not pistol whip that man…..

Do y’all believe this story? I’m unsure but to me Rick Ross is bout dat life. So maybe he did…. I mean I would, did you guys see how the groundskeeper left that property?  Rick Ross says the groundskeeper is lying and looking for a pay day. What you think?

Via #TMZ :

#RickRoss is attacking the groundskeeper who is suing him for allegedly pistol-whipping and beating him … but this time, Ross is admittedly attacking with a gun … a hired gun.
Ross has filed legal docs against Jonathan Zamudio, who sued Ross claiming the mogul got angry at him for throwing a party in his mansion and driving his cars. Zamudio says Ross locked him in a room, pistol-whipped him and brutalized him so bad he had to eat through a straw.
But Ross now says Zamudio is lying … and claims he has proof. For starters, Ross notes Zamudio called 911 THREE HOURS after the alleged incident and never mentioned pistol-whipping or any injury for that matter. He also spoke clearly and calmly to the dispatcher.

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