Rich Homie Quan under investigation after the smoking incident 

I knew this would happen. After seeing the video of Rich Homie Quan smoking a joint with his daughter on his lap, I knew one one would report it. ABy law enforcement figure would have a problem with this video… If your an adult and smoke that’s cool but to smoke with a child on your lap, that’s crazy…. Read the story below….

By @rozay405

Via #TMZ:#RichHomieQuan learned not to wave a red flag in front of a bull, because he just got gored … Child Protective Services is now on his case for smoking what looks like a blunt in front of his kid. 

Law enforcement sources tell #TMZ … #Georgia authorities saw the video of RHQ’s 1-year-old on his lap as he puffed away, and they were alarmed. Child Protective Services and the #FultonCountyPolice Department have now teamed up to investigate.
Our sources say #CPS wants to sit down with Quan and ask a slew of questions … notably, what was he smoking? They also want to know if this was a one-off or his standard operating procedure. 

Law enforcement tells us the probe goes beyond #RHQ’s fitness as a parent … he could face possible criminal charges, including endangering a child and reckless behavior.

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