RealRozay Introduces Amsterdam “Cannabis Energy Drink”

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In early 2011 a new Energy Drink was developed in Amsterdam called: Cannabis Energy Drink (CED). It contains a hemp seed extract, hence the brand name. Hemp is said to be the oldest, cultivated plant in the world and one of the healthiest and quickest crops to grow. Hemp, which doesn’t require the use of pesticides, is full of essential vitamins and minerals that offer excellent health benefits for the body. That is a good reason to put it in a beverage! is the exclusive importer of Cannabis Energy Drink and Cannabis Light Drink in the United States of America, Canada and Mexico.

This awesome new Cannabis Energy Drink is made with Hemp oil contains 57% linoleic acid (LA) and 19% linoleic acid (LNA) offering a doctor recommended 3:1 ratio needed to maintain a healthy diet. Hemp can be found in salad dressings, pastas, nutritional bars, desserts, breads, butter, breakfast foods and more. Much like organic food specialties, the demand for hemp foods and beverages are expected to rapidly increase. Hemp can be found in most every day items including: towels, clothing, book bags and paper.
Hemp is very healthy but also very confused with marijuana this Energy drink does contain an insignificant amount of THC. The Latin name Cannabis Sativa actually translates as ‘useful hemp’. The confusion and concern often arises due to the fact that hemp seeds/oil is derived from the plant Cannabis Sativa, which is often incorrectly linked to marijuana.

K1DrinkUSA is planning to introduce Cannabis Energy Drink and Cannabis Light Drink state by state. K1DrinkUSA will be marketing Cannabis Energy Drink all around the world and will be at an inconvenience stores, bars and restaurants near you soon. After trying this drink myself there is no need to pick up any other energy drink. I am officially a fan of Cannabis Energy drink the taste is great. Also try Cannabis Energy drink as a chaser for alcoholic beverage.

Visit the website below to try this Great Cannabis Energy Drink Today!

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