Real Housewives of Atlanta Returns with Porsha Outing Her Soon To Be Ex- Husband!


Real Housewives of Atlanta returned with some juicy gossip and the details of the divorce between Porsha and Kordell Stewart (Retired NFL Football Player). Porsha stated that not only did she question Kordell sexuality his family asked her over and over if she knew of Kordell being gay. Now it may be that Porsha is a little bitter on how Kordell filed for divorce and blasted it on Twitter while they were still living together. Porsha went on about how Kordell never wanted to have sexual intercourse with her and was more focus on the clothes she was wearing instead of taking them off. Well whether this is a cry for attention she surely got alot eyes looking towards Kordell for answers. Not to take sides but there is an high rate of undercover down low brothers in Atlanta. Kordell was definitely  in the right town to come out of the closet. Due to his football career needed a cover up and got married to Porsha to stay clear of all the rumors that even had his family questioning his lifestyle.


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