Rapper FUTURE And singer Ciara party it up at King of Diamonds and takes stripper back to hotel room…..

Future and Ciara

Rapper Future and singer Ciara came out to King of Diamond Monday, and Mediatakeout sources spills on how much they spent and the mystery stripper they took back to their hotel room. Mediatakeout says that Ciara started off quiet but pick things up when it came to making it rain and once things picked up,  King of Diamond is considered one of the if not the best urban stripclub in South Florida….. According to the private snitch, sorry I mean the source, the stripper they took back to their room is pictured in one off these pictures…. Take a guess? Read the article

SC20130501-150659-1 SC20130501-150648-1

SWINGERS!!! Rapper FUTURE And Ciara Pick Up A SKRIPPER At The CLUB . . . And Take Her BACK TO THE HOTEL . . . And We Got PICS!!! (Ciara’s A FREAK . . . And U AIN’T E’EN KNO IT) – MediaTakeOut.com™ 2013.

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