R.Kelly maybe facing jail time for failure to pay child support

RKelly is straight up tripping, he not paying child support…

R. Kelly can’t seem to get shit right, how can you fall behind on child support payments? And supposedly even his own lawyer thinks he could face some jail time.

According to PageSix:

R.Kelly is accused in court papers filed Thursday by his ex-wife Andrea Kelly of failing to pay $20,833 a month in child support he owes. The claim comes after he reportedly fell behind more than $100,000 in payments last year, but then paid the debt off.

According to Inside sources

“One of R.Kelly’s attorneys said if the R&B singer doesn’t appear at a March 27 child custody hearing in Chicago, a judge could give him 30 days to six months behind bars because Kelly didn’t show up at a November hearing.

“The judge was clear in November that he wasn’t happy R. Kelly didn’t show up,” said a source. “His lawyer [James Quigley] is worried the judge could lock Kelly up if he doesn’t show this time, but he can’t reach his client.”

Not only that sources at Bossip.com also added that Quigley’s firm is owed thousands, while negotiations are going on with Andrea, a star of VH1’s “Hollywood Exes.”

Supposedly People are saying that R.Kelly is “in a bunker” and “unreachable.” A source even said Quigley’s firm might have to withdraw from the case if Kelly doesn’t show up or at least make contact. This seems insane… Celebrities are really doing the most, not paying taxes, going to jail and not paying child support. This is becoming a trend with celebrities and we don’t get it, if us regular folks gotta pony up then get it together.




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