Poe LilMama, u just can’t get shit right

The ShadeRoom giving us all #DaTea. So Lil Mama “not breaking record azz”, is stealing poor people music. To be honest she been annoying a lil while now. She’s the female Dame Dash everyone thinks, filled with bad decisions and looking bad.

So Lil Mama took to social media when she released her so-called “new song” Sausage, but social media fans that be on FB,IG,and Vine been rocking this song for months. 

Lil’ Mama is being accused of stealing the very popular “sausage” song created by Matthew Belamy from Miami. And I’m from Miami, so Lil Mama we got beef, I meant sausage…..
Matthew recently released a video telling his side of the story. To see the video go to #TheShadeRoom. But I’ll give yall da tea.

Matthew said he created the he was in 10th grade during class. He freestyled the song as his friends taped him. Shortly after being posted  on Facebook, his Miami friends began sharing the video and it quickly went viral.

So here comes Lil Mama, she DMs Matthew and acknowledges that he was the creator of the song and tells him her friend was shooting a video for the “sausage” song to “keep it going”. He said that’s cool and that he wanted to collaborate with them on the song and video. So Lil Mama tells him to call her assistant, he does, and they ask Matthew if he can come to New York because that’s where they are shooting the video.

Matthew is from the rough part of Miami and couldn’t afford his own ticket. Lil Mama tells him to look and see how much two grey hound tickets would cost to get him down there. He looks it up and sends Lil Mama the amount = $207.

He claims that at this point Lil Mama’s assistant called him back and told her that they were funding the project out of their pockets and couldn’t afford the tickets. 

Now, Lil Mama finally releases the video and Matthew is counting the COINS! He says Lil Mama shut a street down in New York to film the video, she had background dancers, wardrobe, hair and make-up, basically a whole production for the video…but couldn’t afford to fly him to NY?  

I understand funding but LilMama if you gonna use his music and not have him in the video then pay him got using the track, Lil Mama who raised you. Come up with your own shit. 

So what do yall think?


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