“Pebbles Response to TLC VH1(FULL MOVIE)”

Monday night TLC Story premiered on VH1 and it portrayed Ms. Pebbles as being a money hungry manager who gave them literally $0.09. After the million records that the hottest girl group in the 90’s were literally living in run down hotels and driving RAV 4’s LOL. TLC movie showed that Pebbles took all the millions that were made because of the contract she had them sign. That signed agreement had them paying her three times more than they should have. It was really unbelieveable how a such successful group could have been so broke after all the tours and albums that were released. After watching the movie it really put this into perspective for me and pretty sure all the TLC fans. We all must read what we sign and even though Pebbles took advantage of their young naive minds a little reading would have been a gain to the TLC group. During the movie premiere the fans went to social media to vent and Pebbles is filling a little hurt about the backlash of the movie potrayal. Like the saying the truth hurts. She states that she made TLC who they are and they should be thankful. Yes, somewhat true without the backing of L.A Reid (LAFACE Records) TLC would not be who they are but whats the good of being on top without really getting to taste the caviar. Come on Pebbles you really took advantage of these young girls and lets be real they came with talent. Pebbles had the financial backup that TLC needed ofcourse without that no one would know what a TLC was. Pebbles also is stating she is going sue due to TLC  characterizing her as cheating them on national televison. On another note the original girl (Crystal Selene Jones) before Chilli was added is writing a TELL ALL BOOK. LOL this will be one short book because she was not on none of the records I didnt even know she existed until the movie premiere. If you did not catch the movie VH1 will be doing a rerun tonight overall the movie gets four stars.

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