Okay, so Trump won… Now what?!

I usually stay away from political conversations for a number of reasons. The main reasons being that I don’t know enough, I don’t think I care enough (don’t take that for face value), and I don’t think that the whole government system is set up to benefit the working class, those who are in poverty, nor us so called “minorities”. I think this was evident in the 2 candidates we thought we had to choose from. It is even more evident in that the “popular vote” aka the voice of the people did not matter and now Mr. Trump is the next to hold the office (things like this is why I don’t care!).

But I’m not here to complain nor am I writing this to offer a lesson in politics – again, I don’t know enough to even do neither. Rather, I am here to five some options on what we could and should do as a people and a community to preserve and empower ourselves over the next 4 years.

***NOTE: This isn’t a Black Lives Matter post. I don’t think this is the time to separate ourselves as a people when PEOPLE need to unite and work together for the common good. ***

  1. We need to take back our children.

This is more than just being a presence in their lives. This is taking back their future because they are already counted out from birth. This means that we should be more active and encourage with their interests. We should also be a positive energy in their lives. NOW isn’t the time to discourage them or tell them what they aren’t—instead, let them know what they are and what they can be, even if they aren’t walking in that yet.

I think that people have kind of conditioned themselves to thinking that children can raise themselves just because they are more knowledgeable due to technology. They may know more than you in a certain area, but they are still children and their minds are still developing. Because of this mindset that “kids are more advanced these days” we have inadvertently allowed social media, TV, and celebrities to raise our kids.

The fake has WAY too much influence on the real.

  1. Educate each other and ourselves.

First, let me say this: BE OPEN TO RECEIVE INFORMATION!

I’ll leave that there, for now.

With the internet BOOMING, there’s information everywhere. Social media and the latest gossip will ALWAYS be there. Even shit you missed 5 years ago is still stored SOMEWHERE. So take the time to feed your mind with positive things and information that can be passed on to the next generation(s).

  1. Recreate and unite the community—Support each other!

I know you’ve heard a story or 2 from your mother, father, grandmother, uncle, grandfather, neighbor, hell SOMEBODY about how connected the neighborhood used to be.

For example, you get in trouble at school, the teacher AND the principal made it their duty to make sure you were chastised. Chastised… not ABUSED… there’s a difference. When you left school, and the neighborhood found out, they dealt with you. AND THEN when your parents got home and THEY found out… well… you know.

I think we need this back. I do understand that people are crazy now and I understand completely why parents don’t want others hitting their children. I get it. But it doesn’t take much to pull a child to the side and have a real conversation with them.  You never know what you say that may stick with them then or in the future.

The community took care of each other. Essentially, that is what a community is.


Now days, people don’t even know who their neighbors are. I know I don’t.


But this simple act and sense of community is what kept people together and kept almost everyone on the straight.

A community isn’t everyone for himself. You literally are you brother, or neighbor’s, keeper.


  1. Stop giving “them” ammo.

This is simple… We play right into stereotypes that we hate and wonder why we can’t win.

  1. Take care of yourself, your children, and your family.

This includes:

  • Health- taking care of mental health, physical health, educating yourself and watching the foods you eat, etc.
  • Finances (i.e. creating a savings, investing in the RIGHT things, creating generational wealth, educating yourself on money, depleting bad money habits, etc.)

As scary as it may seem to have Donald Trump as our president, I do not think he’ll be the worst president that we’ve had. No, I’m not siding with Trump, I’m just saying we made it through a lot worse, and we damn sure will make it now!

Written by -V

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