Nicki Minaj break up with her long time boo

It’s been confirmed people Nicki Minaj ended her relationship with Safaree Samuels since he is

supposedly jealous of her success.

According to TMZ, the arrangement was for Minaj to be the breadwinner and Samuels falls back. His job was to only be a backup singer, personal assistant and hype man.

Well seems like homeboy got tired of being in the background and felt some type way and bitter about her success.

Minaj finally had it with him when he didn’t show up to one of her shows….. homegirl went off about leaving her and freaking out about finding a hype man.

When she confronted him about missing the show, he flipped out on her which lead to their relationship coming to a close.

Nicki may have called it quits. But Samules was that made very clear that it was over by removing a tattoo of Minaj name. Bye bye birdie.

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