Nick Gordan hires high profile legal team

As Bobbi Kristina lay in Hospice Care literally slipping away minute by minute, Nick Gordon is quickly Assembling his High-Profile Legal Dream Team.
Per Bobbi Kristina Brown’s boyfriend/fiancé/ half ( step or adopted brother) Nick Gordon, is preparing to face a whole slew  his of legal troubles. And he is not waiting, he has assembled his high-powered highly paid legal dream. Unfortunately death is imminent for Bobbi Kristina Brown according to her physicians as her vital signs continue to drop while receiving comforting care at the Peachtree Christian Hospice in Duluth, Georgia. The family had to secure the location with more officers and security  in anticipation of events to come.
Now suspiciously Nick Gordan has secured attorney Jose Baez. As we all know Baez was the attorney that got Casey Anthony acquitted after the murder of the child. Jose Baez has joined attorneys Joe Habachy and Randy Kessler. Nick also added a private investigator named TJ Ward, who worked on the search of Natalee Holloway.
Gordans dream team wants to find out what happened on the day when Brown was found unresponsive in the bathtub of her Atlanta home.

“We do know that other individuals were present at the time of when the emergency personnel were brought in,” Ward’s executive assistant, Eli Benton, tells PEOPLE. “TJ will be trying to establish who was present and what their role was.”

One main reason Nick has assembled his dream team is because Bobbi’s conservators ( family)  filed a complaint with the police dept, accusing him of domestic abuse and stealing $11,000 from her. Which are huge accusations especially when passes away.

On Thursday, the Fulton County district attorney confirmed that his office is reviewing the Jan. 31 incident that left Brown incapacitated. “We will be reviewing the case with greater interest,” Fulton County District Attorney Paul L. Howard Jr. told PEOPLE in a statement, adding that their case is not related to the civil suit against Gordon. So not only is thee a possible criminal case, there is definitely a civil suit. The Browns wants answers and they derserve it.

Do you guys feel like they using Nick as a scapegoat in this case? I mean Nick family think so but I’m unsure. Their whole relationship was weird and seemed very unhealthy. And after watching the Dr.Phil show I’m not going to lie, he looks guilty… Something didn’t seem right.

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