Nick and Mariah Divorce

Who would have thought this would happen… well i did.

Nick Cannon confirmed that his six-year marriage to Mariah Carey is on the rocks.
The 33-year-old “America’s Got Talent” host broke his silence Thursday about his rumored impending divorce from Carey, 44.

“We have been living in separate houses for a few months,”Cannon told The Insider. “(Right now) my main focus is my kids,”

It was reported earlier the couple has already gotten lawyers involved to negotiate property and custody agreements over their 3-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe.

Their relationship suffered a big hit when Cannon appeared on Big Boy’s radio show in March and named Kim Kardashian as one of the celebrities he has bedded.

I bet she tore into Nick for weeks about that. We all know how crazy Carey can get.

Kardashian and Nick bed rumble wasn’t the only source of friction between the spouses: Carey has reportedly felt “abandoned” by Cannon because of his work schedule. The songstress felt Cannon was spending too much time away from her and their children.

In my opinion that not something they should divorce about. I think she looking for a way out if you ask me. If the man don’t work he is called a male gold digger. Remember a man who doesn’t work, doesn’t eat.

It has been told by E! News, they have been living apart for a while. This is not all of a sudden. There have been issues between them for a while and they are not getting along. Apparently, a riff in his marriage was caused when he bragged about having slept with the reality TV starlet. Wrong move man. Xnay on the exsay about imkay….pig lantin for shut the hell up. SMH especially if y’all going through shit.

Other sources say she wants to end it and it has been in the works for months, which is why her house in the Bahamas and the house in Bel Air are on the market.”

Carey and Cannon married on April 30, 2008, at the Carey’s Bahamas estate and every year since, the two made effort to renew their vows. Except for this past April it did happen.

No word yet from Mariah Carey camp about the pending divorce.

So tell us, do you think Ms. Mariah overreacting and should get over Nick’s past.



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