NFL Kerry Rhodes dating Whitney Cummings, what happen to his male assistant ( his slider)

So NFL football player Kerry Rhodes is back in the blog sites, but this time he is dating a woman. We all know all the drama with Kerry Rhodes and his little side piece, which was his gay male assistant.

Earlier in 2013 NFL star Kerry Rhodes he was being accused of sliding with his ex-assistant HOLLYWOOD. Yes child…. It’s not like they were hiding it. They were spotted arm in arm. Always cozied up together, it was obvious to be more than a work relationship.

Now according to Hollywood ( yes he did spill the bean) he was Kerry’s lover. And Hollywood leaked pics as proof. In an interview last year, they were comfortably in bed together oblivious to how they homosexual it looked.

Of course Kerry claims he is not gay and never was, and that the story is completely false, but if it acts like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a big ole freaking duck.

The story gets more interesting, Kerry Rhodes is now dating a female. His new boo is Whitney Cummings star of the sitcom Whitney. This will be funny, a possible down low NFL star dating a white comedian woman who might or might now his homosexual drama…..







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