NFL Adrian Petterson “Secret Son ” Killed after being beat to death by his baby mother’s boyfriend (Joseph Robert Patterson. Patterson was known for history of violence and was given a slap on the risk on Wednesday after severly beating Patterson “secret son” Ty  that was still alive and hospitalized. Friday after NFL Adrian Patterson was given full custodial rights after this incident his son died of brain damage from the previous beating on Wednesday. There was some confusion in this case because NFL Petterson has another two year old son named Adrian Jr. that he has claimed and shows pictures him at games. Reporters suspected that Adrian Jr. was killed by Patterson but plot thickens when Petterson finally camed clean stated that this is an unclaimed son that he tried to hide out of the media. Due to Ty being made out of wedlock was his excuse for denying accusations. Either way it goes no child deserves to beaten to death this insane that this even occured. Our condolences goes out to the Petterson family.

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