New York Jets Player “Kellen Winslow Jr.” Caught Pleasuring Himself in Target Parking Lot

Kellen Winslow NFL player for New York Jets, was caught masturbating at Target in the parking lot. Kellen Winslow Jr. was found by Target shopper that was parked next to his Cadillac Escalade.  She viewed the NFL player  pleasuring himself with two jars of Vaseline beside him.

Police responded to a call from a woman who said she had parked outside a Target store on Route 10 and saw the man in the car next to her vehicle, later identified as Winslow, exposing his genitals.

The Witness explained  “As she stood near the open driver-side window of the Escalade, she observed the male’s erect penis,” the report said. “She stated she believed he was masturbating.” 

The NFL player genitals were not exposed when the police officers arrived at Target parking lot. The officer did observe two opened containers of Vaseline on his center console. Also found in the car was  “Mr Happy” a synthetic marijuana that the NFL player stated he use for a relaxation remedy.

TMZ reported:

Winslow Jr. was never charged with anything related to alleged public masturbating — but he was hit with drug charges for the synthetic weed … and last week, pleaded not guilty.

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