My First Time continued..

tumblr_m7s1kxV3Tk1rw9vy4o1_500A Week Later…

Monica stood at the door of a studio. Wyatt gave her a business card a few days ago. Telling her that she may like some of the art work that the artist had to offer. The card was very nice. The lettering was in a pretty cursive and rose off the stock. It had an address, but no name. Monica was excited to see what this artist had to offer. She just had a difficult day at work and needed art and wine to calm her nerves. She knocked on the door.

Jennifer was tired. She had a long and tiring work week. She wasn’t getting anywhere with her latest painting, and was close to just scrapping it to start anew. There was a knock at the door. She walked to the door. She really wasn’t in the mood for visitors. She went to the door and opened it. There stood the strawberry blonde beauty from The Spot. The one that she made out with, the one she thought about from time to time during the week. The one she masturbated to the very night they made out.

Monica looked up from the card to see Jen. She wanted to back away. She wanted to run, but her legs felt like they were stuck in cement. Monica thought about Jen and their tryst a couple of times over the last week, now she stood in front of her. She thought about the things she would have done had they not been interrupted.

“Well, hello Monica”


“What brings you here? Looking to finish where we left off?”

Monica’s body seemed to be on fire, especially that particular spot in between her legs. What was it about Jen that made her want to see what she tasted like?

“Wyatt gave me this” Monica said holding up the card.

“Oh yea. Well, come in and look around”

As Monica stepped over the threshold she knew that this night may not end with her just gaining a piece of art. She looked around the studio; there were wonderful pieces of art. She was pleasantly surprised. There was a clay sculpture of a guy holding his chest open to let the world know that he is opening up to everything. There was a painting with a set of eyes. The eyes were very nicely done; anyone could get lost looking into those things. There was also a painting of a centaur holding a naked woman, lovingly. Then Monica noticed a painting of a face that wasn’t done yet. Monica realized that Jen was not afraid of color in her painting, they were lifelike and mesmerizing.

“Wow, your work is incredible.”

“Thank you. Does anything catch your eye? If not I do take requests.”

“Hmmm, requests? That may be an idea. My own personalized painting. I actually like that idea.”

“While you decide, would you like something to drink? Water, juice, or wine?

“Yes please, if you don’t mind. I would love a glass of white wine”.

As Jen stepped away to get the drink, Monica thought about the idea of her own painting. What would she get?

“Here you are.” Jen returned with a glass of wine and handed it to Monica. “Can I ask you a question?”

“Ask away”

“Have you ever been a live art model?”

“Oh, no. Why?”

“I would like you to be my live art model. I need the practice, and I think you would be perfect”

“Ummm…I don’t know about that”

“I will not sell the painting. As a matter of fact I will give it to you once I finish it”

Do I really want to do this, Monica thought. “Will I have to be naked?” Monica asked, slightly concerned.

“You do what you feel comfortable with. I’m ok either way”

“What the hell, Ok” Monica responded, as she down the glass of wine in her hand.


“Alright. Great. Thank you. Let me get my supplies ready, and then we will begin. For now just relax over on the white chaise lounge”

Monica was thoroughly nervous and surprised that she agreed to this. Jen brought her another glass of wine while she was getting prepped. Monica downed that glass as well.

Jen was surprised and happy that Monica agreed to be her muse. Jen really did need the practice but she planned on getting to know Monica a little better in the process. Jen gathered all the supplies that she would need. When she returned to set up she noticed that Monica looked a little lost, not relaxed at all. After Jen set up her equipment, she walked over to where Monica was sitting, and kneeled down next to her.

“Relax Monica, Everything will be fine. The painting will come out beautifully because I have a beautiful woman to paint. Now let me help you get comfortable.”

Jen leaned in to give Monica a kiss. Their tongues started dancing with each other in perfect harmony, as if they knew what moves the other one would do. Jen heard that familiar moan from Monica, that moan that made her want to dig deeper, to hear her moan all night. Jen reached down to Monica’s shirt. She kneaded her breast through the soft fabric. She then started to unbutton the shirt. Once the shirt was undone, Jen broke the kiss to look down. She saw a pale pink bra with a hint of Monica’s slightly darker areola peeking out the top. She positioned Monica in a supine position.  Jen then rose from her kneeling position.

“Stay there gorgeous. Don’t Move. You look perfect”

Jen returned to where her easel was set up to start painting. Monica looked unbelievable, Jen thought. The arousal on her face and the strain for release that her body gave off was just what the painting would need to put it over the top.

Monica was lying down on the chaise. She was extremely hot although the temperature in the room was cool. What does this girl have on me that makes me want to shed this extra layer? Why is she over there? I need her to finish what she started. Maybe if I start giving her small hints she will stop what she is doing and finish what she started, Monica pondered.

After about 5 minutes of painting, Jen couldn’t concentrate on the painting anymore. She saw the pleading look in Monica’s eyes, the biting of her lip. She wondered what kind of pleasure she could give Monica. She wondered if Monica was a screamer. She wondered if she could make Monica scream her name. She wondered how she would look spent from an incredible, breath taking climax. Jen placed the paintbrush down and walked over to Monica. She went straight to her mouth, giving her the kiss that she knew Monica wanted and needed. She placed one hand in Monica’s hair and pulled slightly to get better access to her neck. Jen needed to hear that moan escape her lips again. It didn’t take long for Monica to give her just that. Jen brushed her hand down Monica’s neck and chest and stopped at the bottom of her bra. With her other hand she reached around the back of Monica to free her perfectly shaped breast from their cage. Jen reached for Monica’s right breast, and thumbed her nipple. Then with her thumb and index finger she rubbed and pinched the bud to harden peaks. Lowering her head, she placed her mouth on the harden nipple. She heard Monica gasp. She alternated between tongue swirls and light nibbling. Jen nibbled and kissed her way down Monica’s lean abdomen. Monica assisted Jen with the removal of her pants and panties. Jen looked down at a glistening set of lips. Jen figured she would let her hands experience the pleasure before her mouth would join in. Her fingers skimmed down the lips, letting the moisture coat her fingers. She inserted one finger than two into Monica’s warm tunnel. She figured Monica could take more so she inserted another finger. The walls clinched her fingers. Jen started the path to pleasure. Her fingers doing all the work at the moment, going in and out, swirling around, and stroking upward as if to say come hither. Monica bucked and moaned against Jens fingers. With a need to taste Monica, Jen repositioned Monica and herself so that she kneeled in-between her thighs, without missing the beat that her fingers were playing. With her tongue on Monica’s button she went to work. Slow rhythmic strokes, and swirls. The combination of movement from Jens mouth and fingers drew Monica closer and closer. Monica placed her hands on Jens head .With Monica thrashing about on the couch along with her melodic moans, Jen knew she had her on the edge. Jen felt Monica’s walls clench around her fingers rapidly.

“Jen…Don’t stop…Fuck….Ahhhh….I’m…about…to…cum….” Monica rasped between breaths.

Jen felt Monica’s breath stop just before she gushed her sweet nectar all over her fingers. Jen let Monica’s spasms slow a little before unsheathing herself.

Monica was spent, but she wanted to give Jen the same pleasure that she received. With all the notes she memorized from Jen as she was pleasing her, Monica was determined to give her the same….maybe better.


“Oh… My Goodness!!!!!” Yelled Ava “You finally did it?” “So, who was the girl? Are you going to tell me her name? Are you going to see her again? Are you going to test other girls out?” Ava asked excitedly.

“Whoa, Ava. Relax. I haven’t figured all that out, but I wouldn’t mind going at it again with her”

“So, the only thing I get out of you is that you made out and had sex with a girl” Ava asked.

“Yep” Monica replied smiling at her best friend.



……..Till Next Time Loves


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