My First Time

tumblr_nby8qrbABm1st2804o1_500My FirstTime

“Now when I tell you what happened to me the other day you will not believe it. I hardly believe it myself”.

Monica knew that her friend, Ava, was no stranger to experimenting with sex. Ava was the one who told her that she should at least try things once before scratching it off the list of things she didn’t like. Monica was the girl who was always in her head about things. She would over analyze things before she would consider doing it.  Ava and Monica have been friends since the middle of high school. Now in their mid-20s, it was the perfect time to try things out without being scrutinized and judged. Ava knew that, she was experimenting since her late teens, and she would tell Monica all the details.

“Well, don’t keep me waiting. Tell me. What is it about?” Ava asked.

“Ok, ok hold your horses. I will not give you all the details, but”.

Monica and her new boy toy, Wyatt, just walked into The Spot.  They were meeting some friends for drinks, mainly his friends.  They were running a little late. Monica was extremely horny, and was trying to get Wyatt to give up the goods before they came out, but she failed at that task. He didn’t want to add more time to their tardiness, and she understood.  As he dragged her to the table where his friends were waiting, she eyed the establishment. It was a nice place, dimly lit, television screens on the walls all over the place. It seemed like a nice place to hang, Monica considered bringing Ava here. It seemed like her type of scene. There was an abundance of guys and gals in the place, and Ava surely didn’t discriminate with gender and race. I really wouldn’t mind coming back for myself either, Monica thought.

While at the table, laughing and joking, with Wyatt and his friends, Monica almost choked on her drink. “Are you ok?” Asked Wyatt concerned.

“Yes, I am. Thanks” replied Monica. She was in shock by the beauty that walked into the bar. She was sure she wasn’t the only one that noticed her.  Monica made a habit to check everyone out, men and women, when out and about.  She usually looked at the women for comparison of hair, outfits, accessories, and body features; but this time was different. The woman that walked in was a beauty from her butterscotch skin complexion to her charcoal colored long hair. She had a curvaceous body, and long lean legs. The bombshell eyed the establishment as if she was looking for someone. She looked in Monica’s direction and smiled. Monica inconspicuously looked back at the people at her table. She tried to ease back into the conversation but couldn’t commit 100%. Her mind was a little preoccupied.


“Jen, I’m glad you could make it” stated Jay, one of Wyatt’s friends.

“Yea, I figured I needed a break. My mind was a little blocked” Jen replied.

“Everyone, some of you already know who this beautiful creature is, but to those of you who do not this is Jennifer.”

As the introductions flew around the table, all Monica could think about was how full Jennifer’s lips looked. The scarlet red lip color she had on drew your attention to her face which was flawless.

“Jennifer, this is Monica.” Jay introduced.

“Hello, Monica” stated Jennifer.

“Hello Jennifer, It’s nice to meet you” I replied.

“You can call me Jen” She replied.

Once she sat down, the conversations and laughter resumed at the table.

“What are you working on this time?” asked Jay.

“A depiction. Of what? I haven’t figured that out yet. That’s why I decided to come and hang with you guys. I needed to step away.” Jen spoke.

“Ah, well I’m glad you came. Let me get you a drink” Jay expressed.

“What do you do?” Wyatt asked.

“I work for an investment company by day and I’m an artist by night. I do paintings, and sculptures with clay. I just started dabbling in metal work. The artsy thing is a hobby right now. My job and a few of my friends have some of my work.” Jen voiced.

“Monica has told me that she was looking for a unique piece of art to put above her mantel.” Wyatt informed.

Trying not to focus on the bombshell that was at the table, Monica tried to inject herself into another conversation. She saw Wyatt talking to Jen out the corner of her eye, but couldn’t hear what they were conversing about. She doesn’t really look at women in that way, but she wouldn’t mind seeing Jens naked form begging for a release. Where did that come from? She wondered. I don’t even have the faintest idea how to give a woman that. Although is it the same concept as “do unto others as you would like done to you”. Monica thought. Her hormones were in overdrive. Her nether lips were engorged with blood and throbbing. I need to step away; she figured.  As she rose from her chair she whispered into Wyatt’s ear that she was going to the restroom and excused herself from the table.

Jennifer was happy to get out of the studio. She wasn’t getting anything accomplished and a distraction was just what she needed. As she entered The Spot she looked for Jay and the others. Jay had invited her out for drinks a few days ago. She had no intention of going, but things change.  She spotted Jay and walked over. She noticed a strawberry blonde haired beauty at the table eyeing her, so she smiled. Now here she was at the table looking at Monica. She noticed that Monica was trying not to look her way, but was failing.  Jen smiled inwardly.  There was something about Monica that intrigued Jen. Jen noticed that Monica left the table.

“Do you have a studio where you do your artistic work?” asked Wyatt.

“Yes I do. Here is my card.  I’m usually there between 6pm- 12am during the week. On the weekends it varies, so try to call before you stop by” Jen explained. “Excuse me for a second guys.” Jen had decided to go freshen up, among other things.

I need to cool down, Monica thought to herself as she looked in the bathroom mirror. What is going on with me right now? It must be because of the liquor, and the fact that I couldn’t get Wyatt to give me some before we headed out. Yea, that’s it. That has to be it. No more drinking for me tonight then, Monica assured herself. As Monica stood in the mirror trying to will the lust away, she saw Jen enter the bathroom out of the corner of her eye.

Jen smiled, “Monica, right?” Jen asked.

“Yes.” Monica answered.

“You feeling ok?”

“I’m fine, just a little tired”

Jen started walking to where Monica was standing. As she did, she looked around inconspicuously to see if they had any visitors in the nicely decorated bathroom.

She watched Jen, in the mirror, come closer to where she stood. As Jen neared Monica, it took all her strength not to turn around and plant a kiss on those perfectly painted lips. Jen stops behind Monica. She the grabs Monica’s hair and places it all to one side of her neck. She leans down and places small kisses on Monica’s shoulder and collarbone.  Looking at Monica through the mirror the entire time; her eyes seeming to bore a hole in Monica’s soul. She starts alternating between kisses and bites. Monica’s libido has her skin on fire. With one hand on Monica’s hip, Jen moves her nibbling to Monica’s neck then to her ear. Jen turns Monica around to face her, pinning her to the counter in the process.  She leans in to kiss Monica. Monica reciprocates the kiss, taking her tongue as an offering.  Monica wanted to see what that sweet mouth tasted like. Monica was not disappointed. Jen broke the kiss to return to nibbling on Monica’s neck. Jen bites Monica; a moan escapes Monica’s lips.

Hearing that moan escape Monica’s lips made Jen want to take her, all of her right there. I want to hear that moan again, thought Jen, Jen glided her hands up the back of Monica’s legs. As she reached closer to her gluteal furrow she felt goose bumps. Once she reached her butt she dug her fingers into the soft flesh. She felt Monica lean into the grasp.  Her fingers found their way around to the front to graze against Monica’s panty line, but Jen was pleasantly surprised that there were no panties to fiddle with. Easy access, Jen thought. Monica was waxed with a small patch of pubic hair at the top. Jen let her fingers dance around on Monica’s mound, trying to determine if the small patch was in any particular design. Still kissing and nibbling on Monica’s neck, Jen let her fingers find their way to Monica’s lips. Tracing them up and down, finding wetness in the process. Using her thumb to penetrate the lips, she made a beeline to the pleasure button. Just as Jen came close someone walked into the restroom. Monica jumped and almost ran out. Jen regretted not locking the door as she licked Monica’s arousal from her finger.

Monica was in shock. What came over me, she thought. Why did she kiss me? Hell, why did I kiss her back? Damn that was an awesome kiss, probably the best kiss I have ever had. The way her tongued moved, made her wonder what Jen had to offer her other lips.

As Monica returned to the table Wyatt noticed that she was a little flush.

“You alright, Love?” Wyatt asked, concerned.

“Yes, I’m fine.” Replied Monica.

Monica sat there and thought about what just transpired. Does this mean I like women? She wondered. Monica’s skin felt raw where Jen touched. Her lips were slightly larger from the kiss as well.

“I’m so confused.” Monica said.

“What was that?” Wyatt asked.

Shit I said that out loud. “Nothing!!”

Monica saw Jennifer coming back towards the table.

“Can we leave now?” Monica begged. She wasn’t ready to face Jennifer.

“In a minute, Love.” Wyatt replied.

Monica grabbed Wyatt’s hand and inconspicuously placed it under her skirt.

Smiling, Wyatt whispered in Monica’s ear “I think I have made you wait long enough. We will leave very soon. I see I have some work to do”.

As Jen returned to the table, Monica and Wyatt were saying their goodbyes.

“It was nice to meet you Jennifer” Wyatt stated.

“It was nice to meet you as well, Wyatt. Delighted to make your acquaintance Monica” Jen said with a smirk.

Monica said her goodbyes and left. Thinking about what happened made her extremely wet, and she was in need of a release. Wyatt would be the one to give that to her, but she wouldn’t have minded if that person was Jen.

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