Music is not dead…. Never Surrender

This morning I pulled up a google search and typed in one word, NEVER, and for once I wasn’t made to frown at the suggested searches it gave me. The first option that hung below the search bar “Never Surrender DJ Khaled”. In a time where most rap songs are for the club and make you feel like popping a pill, we finally have have a song that makes you simply want to blow a blunt in the streets. While Kendrick is bringing us back to lyrics, and Future is bringing back the T-Payne era of the hook, While Drake is on every station and J Cole is filling us with content Khaled gave us something we haven’t had enough of in a great while. A song that is just plain and simply HARD!! In every way this song shows an aim towards making the great song and not the popular song. Never Surrender features only one of the young and current flames that could be named in the 2013 hottest of the year in Meek Mills. Giving us 3 errors of Gangster in one punch. Mr. Scareface aka Face Mobb who became notorious with the southern rap group The Ghetto Boys in 1989. Second Jada Kiss aka top 5 dead or alive, Who we first met back in the golden era of Bad boy with the group The LOX formed in 1994 and of course ending with the trifecta Meek Mills who has burst on the scene after signing with MMG back in 2011. Who has arguably done the most to bring the gutter back to the main stream. But the 3’s do not stop there. As if it weren’t enough to assemble the greats in the game of Hard, Khaled also assembled 3 of the greats in music for the soul. With 3 separate hooks. One by Anthony Hamilton Soul/Gospel singer., John Legen Soul/Gospel and lastly Akon. Now recent fans would think that Akon might not be the fit because his latest songs were mostly Pop and is also responsible for acts like Lady Gaga and T-Payne. But if you Go back with me and remember the beginning of Convict Musik in 2004 with the song Locked Up featuring another one of the treacherous trio Style P. Three different hooks one for each verse and all flowing together to make an epic collaboration. Finally what makes this effor really appreciated by this and others in the hip hop community was the blatant disregard for the radio and video time limit. Maybe helped a little by the fact that this is a DJ Khaled effort this song is a full 7 minutes long. Full of pain and grit and flow this may not be the biggest song of 2013 but it certainly is one the greatest songs of this year and we applaud Khaled for making it a single, proving that Real Music is not Dead
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Sir Wise




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