Miami Rapper: Hound da God

Artist:  HoundDaGod 
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Hound da God brings a message that is both potent and invigorating. His music serves as a wake up call to the Ghetto Geekz, the poverty-stricken youth around the world who have been taught to ignore their brilliance. His message: no matter the obstacles you face on a daily basis you can find a way to achieve anything. With influences from a mélange of artists, from James Blunt, The Doors, Lupe Fiasco, Kanye to Eight Ball & MJG, DMX, Tupac and Scarface, his sound fits the description of God Body Rap, a genre of Hip Hop that inspires, educate, and elevate. His music is a fusion of all things that make people fall in love with Hip Hop.

Hailing from Miami, Florida’s Historical Black Neighborhood of Overtown, Hound’s most unforgettable memory in Overtown was the Lozano Riots of 1989. He witnessed the riots first hand. “I saw two police cars pull up in front of my house and then an angry mob pelt them with bottles and bricks which made the officers haul ass. It was then that I realized a people united can be the force of power to be reckoned with”. Influenced by the likes of Malcolm X and Huey P. Newton, Hound’s message is one that reinforces the possibility of transformation and advancement.

After graduating high school he enlisted in the United States Military for 5 1/2 years. During his time in the US NAVY he began to compose and decided to seriously begin to build a rap career. He began to freestyle and build songs experimenting with different song formats and beats. Upon returning to home he hit the ground running and began educating himself about the entertainment industry and organizing his 
own company. 

With hard work and determination, Hound has had the privilege of releasing three albums thus far via Itunes “Black God”,”Gary Black” Ep, and “Vice City”. His ultimate goal in the music industry is to build a conglomerate from the ground up consisting of music, literature and film production, gaming, and consulting. With the goal of dropping his clothing line soon, he is currently focusing on growing the movement and building his fan base. Also in the works is his Autobiography “Dollar and a Dream”.

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