Ludacris and his baby mother back in court

TamikaFuller has filed a lawsuit against rapper/actor Ludacris  (Christopher Brian “Chris” Bridges) petitioning the court to gain primary custody of their one-year-old daughter. 
In court document  filed 5/18/15 with Court of Appeals in Fulton County, Georgia, Fuller is demanding the appellate court overturn the original decision and award her the custody and child support she believes she’s entitled. She states she is a fit mother and deserves custody back.

The parents have been fighting via courts over Cai Bella for over s year now. Ludacris only got primary custody for a months now, can she prove he is an unfit parent? 

What’s crazier is that Fuller has reached out to the public for help by starting a GoFundMe account to ask the public for money for an attorney and to get her daughter back. Now wouldn’t this raise a red flag to the judge that she is not financially able to care for this child?

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