Love &HipHop Erica Mena and Cyn Santana getting married?

Love & Hip Hop Erica & Cyn are doing the most right now. How else can Erica get in the media, and stir shit up. Of course Erica and Cyn plan on getting married. We recently wrote about how the two stars of the drama filled reality show was faking it to make it. They released statement stating that neither of them were gay and were playing along to bring more hype to the Love & Hip Hop episodes. Now rumor is they are in the works of getting married and VH1 will be giving them a spin of episode called “Erica & Cyn. Get the fuck out of here. I love the drama but this is too much.

Media reported:

Erica Mena and Cyn Santana are GETTING MARRIED!!!

How do we know . . . well a VH1 insider told us. You see, according to our snitch, the network just GREEN LIT a new show – a wedding show for Erica and Cyn. Oh, and this is not rumor . . . it’s FACTS!!!

One thing is Erica Mena is not a dumb chick , she about dat chedda. If you ask me she making sure her name stays in the media. Can’t wait for the next season of Love And Hip Hop, it should be interesting .




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