Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Star MallyMalls house raided by FBI

We haven’t even gone through a whole season of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood before some real life drama erupted. This is breaking and surprising news, but Love and Hip Hop Hollywood reality star/ famous producer Mally Mall’s Las Vegas home was raided after a warrant was issued on his home and possibly being a suspect of being head of a human trafficking ring.

According to published reports,

“Agents from the U.S. Department of Justice and FBI executed a raid of Mally Mall’s Las Vegas home while he was out of town filming Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. Mally Mall is now the target of a serious criminal investigation involving human trafficking and a search warrant was executed in his Vegas mansion. The federal investigators would not disclose the nature of the warrant or say what they were looking for, but The Review Journal confirms that the FBI had a search warrant for an investigation into human trafficking! Word on the street is that he is a pimp and has several escorts but human trafficking, wow that’s heavy..

Mally Mall has made a great living working with the best in the music industry like Drake, Justin Bieber and Chris Brown. So to think he is in the sex industry is far fetch, then again I heard Hollywood life is different so who knows.

I wonder if Mona Scott knew? Is that the real reason she castes him, bedsides being the next Stevie J? We have lots of questions, what do you guys think?

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