Love and Hip Hop ATL Star/Rapper Waka Flocka weds fiancee Tammy Rivera

Yes <a href=”http://” target=”_blank”>Waka</a> made an honest woman out of Tammy Rivera. The Love and Hip hop stars just eloped per Ms.Debra Antney who is<a href=”http://” target=”_blank”> Waka’s </a>mother/ manager so we know this story real. According to Ms.Debra who spoke to <a href=”http://” target=”_blank”>Waka</a> and Tammy secretly eloped. They apparently got their marriage license two weeks ago without her knowing. She spoke about the secret wedding stating, ” I was selfish, I wanted to be a part of it.” But, she also adds “He kept his word, he said he was going to marry her and he did that on his terms.” Personally just watching the bond those two have as mother and son, I can tell she is proud of her son.
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If you haven’t watched recent episodes of Love and Hip Hop ATL, <a href=”http://” target=”_blank”>Waka</a> and Tammy are recently engaged and Ms.Debra is planning the wedding for the two reality stars but the planning is on her terms and its what Ms.Debra want. I guess the stress of planning the wedding was two much for the couple because everyone is surprised they eloped. Ms.Debra is extremely happy for her son and her new daughter-in-law, she states; “It was very cute to me, they will still have a service and a party, but I’m happy. He’s very responsible.” So Congrats to Mr and Mrs <a href=”http://” target=”_blank”>Waka Flocka Flame</a>….. Do right by her<a href=”http://” target=”_blank”> Waka</a>.
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