Love and hip hop ATL reunion Part 1

Everyone knows the best part of any reality show is the reunion part of the show, but when it comes to ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,’ there non stop to the Monkeyfoolishness. VH1 aired the first of a three-part reunion series that surprisingly went without any fists thrown, well at least for the first 56 minutes. 60 minutes of rehashing of what seemed like a never-ending season kicked off with behind-the-scenes takes of the cast showing up to a day filled with confrontation and drama.

Comedian and new reunion host, Sommore, quickly heats things up by running footage of Scrappy and Erica Pinkett’s late-night escapades. With palms clearly sweating, the handy camera man splits the screen between Atlanta’s self-proclaimed player and his past foes. And it doesn’t take long before the Bam, as Mama Dee has officially named her, and Erica P. go at it for round 1 of the Monkeyfoolishness. “Why do I make you both so angry? You couldn’t get it, and now you’re mad, baby,” Erica P screams across the stage as she tries to convince herself and the audience, that she’s not a bird but a “real woman.” We all know Bam finds a way to shut that down. “You’re an aspiring sidechick”. I would have to agree with the Bam and I’m sure the audience did too. Unfortunately, as Bambi tries to put Erica Pinkett in her place, Scrap still can’t find a way to let the world know that he’s in love with her. Scrappy’s response, instead of answering Sommore’s question about his feelings for his Compton-bred cutie, “Sometimes I don’t think I’m a good dude, and I should just be alone.” Well damn, but The Bam wasn’t even bothered by Scrappy‘s response. In fact, she basically let viewers know that dating Scrappy is just a fad. “We have great times together, but I ain’t tryin’ to marry this n—-.” that’s code for this nigga aint serious about so I’m doing me. At least we know Bambi still knows the game and she stay ahead of it.
Meanwhile, as Erica P and Bambi go back and forth about a girl trying to sleep with a man that’s taken, Bam “accidentally” swings at Baby Mama Erica saying, “I guess you can’t be a sidechick when you’re a baby mama,” and then everything gets out of control. Erica D puts the educated video vixen in check by asking, “Wait a minute, Bambi. Weren’t you sleeping with Scrappy while we were still engaged? So you should know how this feels.” Then she drops the bomb: a receipt from Le Meridien Hotel from the last time she and Scrap got it in five days ago. BOOM!! GOES THE DYNAMITE!!

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