Lee Major Da Mac Mixtape Review

He’s back!…….“The name Lee Major, might sound familiar, but if you weren’t on the club scene before 2011 you probably never heard his music. Pre- Instagram & other social media made it easier to keep up with your favorite underground artists. For those who don’t know, lets hit the road of memory lane….

A one man army, Lee Major Da Mac independently funded 3 Mix tapes between 2009-2012. His fourth project, #Fresh2MyDef dedicated to the memory of his childhood friend. In late April of 2012 Lee Major Da Mac was arrested, taking him out the game for 2 years. After doing a short bid, and seeing so many young black men losing their lives in the system Major vowed before he came home it was time to turn over a new leaf. But in the fast paced world of Hip Hop, & technology Major was left light-years behind (oh so we thought). May 2014, for what should’ve been a celebratory time in his life, Major had no time to waste. With over 10 years experience in the music industry Lee Major Da Mac still have the skills. He has worked with just about every Florida artist worth mentioning, and a few we rather not mention at all. His Club Anthem “Stickin’ So Hard” featuring Ice”Billion”Berg & Desloc from Picallo had the right recipe to be an undeniable hit.
Back on the path to success and he recently released his 2016 mixtape, LeeMajor Da Mac: Hood Candidate Vol.3. Giving us songs like “24” feat. Chungo and Produced by Bolo Beats (which hyped me up to get my hustle on) and “M.I.A.M.I” featured and Produce by Bolo Beats, and not to mention a seductive club lover tale “My house” featuring Smoke of legendary Field Mob.

Major tweeted:

  “The music gonna speak for itself, I just need the DJ’s to play it once. If its garbage trash it, but if its live play my shit and stop hatin’ “-Lee Major Da Mac.”

 This mixtape has little of everything you would expect from some of his experience. So who is Lee Major Da Mac you ask? He’s a force that can’t be stopped. He’s an Artist. A Manager. A Promoter. And, he ain’t palyin!


Overall this is a solid mixtape from beginning to end. Anyone looking for some quality hip-hop music, with catchy lyrics and hard hitting delivery this mixtape is for you. Head over to Soundcloud and DatPhiff and get your copy of the tape today!





Instagram: @leemajordamac


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