Kloe Kardashian Pregnant?

This story just broke on Media Take out, unsure how sure this is but we all know Media Take Out has some strong insider sources.

Media Takeout.com reports:

January 02, 2014: MediaTakeOut.com just got wind of what looks to be the FIRST MAJOR gossip scoop of 2014 . . . we learned that Khloe Kardashian IS PREGNANT. That’s not rumor y’all either . . . ITS FACTS!!

We’re told that Khloe announced her pregnancy and asked the entire family to keep the news quiet. Khloe’s momanger Kris is working on the proper time and place to make the announcement.

Oh, and the father . . . well we’re told that Khloe is “pretty sure” its Lamar’s. But there is an outside possibility it’s Matt Kemp’s. But if we KNOW THE KARDASHIAN’S LIKE WE DO . . . they’ll prolly spin it into a MAURY EPISODE.LOL.

So this might turn into a paternity episode on “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. On a serious note we all saw the struggle of both Lamar and Khloe to have children and if she is pregnant we are super excited.

We are sure this will be an exciting year for the Kardashian women, and we are watching the ride. Until we get a positive confirmation from the Kardashian camp, we will keep this in the rumor mill.


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