Kim Kardashian lookalike and Kris humphries ex-girlfriend Myla Sinanaj is seeking fame by portraying Kim in a Vivid Entertainment sex tape. Myla states that she plays Kim Kardashian along with lookalike Kris Humphries in a upcoming sex tape.. Myla goal is to receive fame from this Sex tape and become successful as Kim Kardashian. Myla may recieve more social media friends but I can truly say in order to become a huge fan off Sex Tape the way Kim did she may want to use an actual Celebrity not an lookalike. On the other hand this is another sad day for Kris Humphries that he hooked up with a lookalike Kim Kardashian which he is currently still married too. From the fans point of view we can only take so much Kardashian and if I want to see her in a porn I will pop in the debut sex tape (RayJ & Kim).

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