Kanye put a ring on it…..This might actually work!!!!

October 22, 2013:
News of the morning…… Kim Kardashian is engaged to her “oh so famous” baby daddy Kanye West. Yeezus popped the question in front of both of their friends and family at the San Francisco Giants baseball field. Why there I dunno??? I understand the your ends there but, anyways…..
Shockingly the E!’s cameras were there to capture of the proposal, even though supposedly Yeezus hates the freaking cameras, child boo…
I think both these attention whores are be happy together. So from RealRoZay congrats to Kim K and Yeezus… I neglected to say she celebrated her birthday with friends and family before the big surprise . Kanye blessed her with a 15 carat engagement ring. I thought I was corny yet cute when he had them display “PLEEEASE MARRY MEEEE!!!” on a jumbotron while an orchestra played Lana Del Ray’s “Young and Beautiful,” followed by Ne-Yo’s collab with Keri Hilson, “Knock You Down.” I never heard the track “Knock you down” but my eyes rolled…. Anyways I ain’t the one to knock anyone’s happiness…. Shit if they happy then that’s less angry Kanye for us. Congrats the future West family…
RoZay J


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