Is the king of pop teenage daughter “Paris Jackson” Pregnant? and Getting Engaged?

The media is going crazy with a rumor about Paris Jackson being pregnant and engaged, can this be true?
Now, we all know that Paris Jackson is only 16 year old daughter and basically a child herself. According to news report the rumor started when a fan spotted Paris drinking water instead of alcohol. My question is, isn’t she 16 she shouldn’t be drinking anyways. So if the rumor is based on a 16 year old just drinking water, then don’t believe the hype.

The engagement rumors started from a fan as well. According to news outlets a fan saw Paris Jackson and her new boyfriend shopping for engagement rings recently a lil while ago. Then, another fans spotted her with a “baby bump” at a restaurant with her new boo. Then the big kicker was when Ms.Jackson made a toast with water instead of wine.
Ummm who are these fans stalking Paris Lawd? And why is everyone expecting this 16 year old to drink?

Paris has been going thru a lot since her dad passed away. She has been undergoing psychiatric care ever since her suicide attempt last year and she is probably on some psych drugs. From what we have gathered most Psych meds has side affect which will cause you to cause weight gain. So she might not be pregnant, just a lil bit thicker. Now I don’t think this will be good for her confidence if she is not pregnant.

So Tuesday morning question….. Is Paris Jackson really pregnant and getting engaged? Or is it a bunch of lies?

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