Is Safaree Samules Getting His Own Reality TV Show ?

Rapper Safaree Samules  and Nicki Minaj have both seem to settle their beef after a long battle preceding the end of their 12 year relationship. While Nicki is busy touring North America with her new beau Meek Mill, it seems that Safaree has other things on his plate nowadays. Over  the last few days, rumors have been surfacing that Safaree just might be the next big reality television star. Last week, Samuels posted a photo on  his Instagram account to let his fans know he is very determined to remain in the spotlight. From the looks of the photos, Samules was hanging out at the VH1 office and possibly could have been meeting up with producers.

Furthermore, fans have been linking Samuels visit to VH1 as a opportunity to join the “Love and Hip-Hop” series. Unfortunately,  for the fans Samules quickly denied these allegations by using hashtags under his photo such as #andnothisaintLovenhiphop and #iwouldnever. Yikes ! Well, while it seems that all of Samules fans are taking a liking to his new business venture, we all must wonder about his new relationship with Zashia Santiago. So, what are the details on her? Let’s see. Well, she is  lingerie model who Samules introduced to us all over Independence Day weekend. Sources close to Samules state that Santiago is a good one for Samules. Also, his close friends seem to think she is the one. Moreover, his fans have even taken a liking to Santiago as well while even comparing her gorgeous physique to Minaj’s saying “at least her body isn’t fake”.

With all of the controversy between the two rappers this summer, I am happy to seem that the both of them are moving on and finding new love. However, the best is yet to come for Samuels. But, the question still remains. Do you think that Samuels is over Minaj enough to discuss their past relationship to the world ?

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